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ContactAtOnce! : VOIP & Messenger Powered Search Marketing Leads

ContactAtOnce : VOIP Powered Search Marketing Leads

By taking advantage of VOIP, landing page space, and pinpoint targeted search marketing campaigns, ContactAtOnce! aims to help the leads oriented search marketers of the world (who’s goal is to get on the phone and set up an appointment with their potential clients) increase their click to communication conversions.

ContactAtOnce! allows marketers to include multiple communications channels such as instant messaging and VoIP in landing pages and make them “presence-aware.” GlenGary GlenRoss inspired lead generation businesses (auto dealers, real estate agents, attorneys, home services providers) can better convert Web-savvy shoppers into leads according to ContactAtOnce!.

ContactAtOnce! stimulates more leads using visual presence indicators; facilitates better communications using IM, click-to-call, VoIP, and live video; and tracks all aspects of performance….Its presence-based advertising service that can help increase lead conversions by as much as 25%.

ContactAtOnce! monitors the real-time availability of an advertisers’ sales representatives, making it possible to dynamically redirect shoppers. As an alternative to dayparting, ContactAtOnce! can also be used to automatically turn paid search campaigns off in order to avoid charges during periods when representatives aren’t available to interact with online shoppers. Meaning if no one is at the switchboard or the phone / communication sales team is all booked up, customers could be served an alternative landing page with a “we’ll contact you at your best time” form.

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ContactAtOnce can be utilized with a marketer’s existing landing pages and enables the incorporation of visual presence indicators; the ability to offer shoppers multiple contact choices including phone (tracked numbers, click-to-call, and VoIP), instant messaging and live video, along with comprehensive performance tracking.

Marketers utilizing the service have seen positive returns and improved lead conversions. “We generate many of our sales leads with search marketing,” says Jeff Kendall, owner of Custom Exteriors, a Pleasanton, California home services company. “Using the ContactAtOnce! SEM features, we’ve been able to increase our revenues while decreasing our cost-per-lead marketing expenses.”

“For local search advertisers who care about qualified leads more than clicks, search engine marketing hasn’t always delivered,” says Marc Hayes, ContactAtOnce! founder. “Our products help advertisers overcome two of the main obstacles to maximizing pay-per-lead programs—successfully converting clicks to leads and effectively tracking results.”

ContactAtOnce! is available as a subscription service. In addition to improving lead conversion, ContactAtOnce! also provides detailed analytics to help customers effectively combat click fraud, better understand customer behavior and easily compare results across multiple paid search programs.

For more information on ContactAtOnce!, visit their Products & Examples page offering samples from Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and Ask campaigns. To help generate more interest in their service, CAO (no, notthe cigar company) is also offering, for a limited time, a no-obligation trial is being offered to qualified companies.

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ContactAtOnce! : VOIP & Messenger Powered Search Marketing Leads

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