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Conductor Acquires ContentKing To Offer Real-time SEO Monitoring

Conductor acquires real-time SEO auditing and monitoring technology company, ContentKing. Its first major post-funding acquisition.

Conductor announces its first major move after raising $150M in funding with the acquisition of ContentKing, a real-time SEO auditing and monitoring technology.

Today, Conductor has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire ContentKing.

ContentKing’s technology will be packaged within the Conductor platform as a holistic, end-to-end SEO solution for enterprises.

The smart technology developed by ContentKing works in real-time, alerting marketing teams to issues before rankings are impacted.

Over time, ContentKing learns which areas of a website to check more frequently and prioritizes issues that will impact a business the most.

Future Plans For Conductor & ContentKing

Conductor aims to build a platform that brings all parts of the SEO workflow together, and technical website monitoring is the foundation of that workflow.

ContentKing will play a large part in bringing Conductor’s vision to life. Specifically, Conductor is focused on ContentKing’s real-time monitoring capabilities, in which it sees the most opportunity to improve workflow for marketers of the future.

The combination of Conductor’s enterprise organic marketing platform, and ContentKing’s 24/7 technical monitoring, effectively raises the bar for marketing technology.

All ContentKing employees will join Conductor following the acquisition.

What Does This Acquisition Mean For Marketers?

Seth Besmertnik, Conductor’s CEO and co-founder, explains what this acquisition means for marketing teams:

“With Conductor and ContentKing joining forces, digital teams will now be able to proactively ensure constant site best practices and quick triage of any future issues. This will result in more time spent improving the overall content and digital experience, and less time fixing problems, losing revenue, and worrying about something going wrong that you didn’t know about or couldn’t previously identify.”

Vincent van Scherpenseel, CEO and co-founder of ContentKing, sees joining Conductor as a major catalyst for the SEO industry:

“For ContentKing, this combination meaningfully accelerates our ability to realize our long-term objectives and vision. It’s an exciting opportunity to play a part in building an end-to-end solution for how teams can work together and drive value in an ever-evolving search landscape—a search landscape that never sleeps.”

Source: ContentKing

Featured Image: Screenshot from, February 2022.

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Conductor Acquires ContentKing To Offer Real-time SEO Monitoring

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