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CNet Relaunches – Music Search Engine & Download Portal

CNET today relaunched the Web site, a comprehensive, next-generation digital music discovery and content resource that caters to the way people learn about and listen to music today.

While the Internet is replete with music sites that serve virtually all interests – editorial resources, music and product reviews, fan clubs, music download services, and more – until now, there has been no single resource dedicated to helping people find the best of everything. is designed to fill this void, putting music fans at the center of the universe of digital music content, where they can instantly find what they need. Its elegant interface prioritizes discovery, putting the vast cosmos of artists, songs, services and technologies at their fingertips in a friendly and organic way based on their interests.

Launching today with robust features and functionality, will add a number of innovative community and personalization features this year, and adapt its content in response to user feedback and changes in the digital music marketplace.

As an objective, unbiased interactive media resource, is free from restrictions that would cause it to favor one music format, technology, editorial resource, or genre. The site’s features underscore this freedom and ability to be a gateway to the entire digital music universe. Today, includes:

* A searchable directory of legal digital music downloads and streams, across the major services, including 30-second clips of millions of songs.

* A comprehensive catalog of artist, album and track information, across 700 music genres.

* Musicvine, a “music discovery engine” that helps music lovers find new artists by finding similarities to their favorites in a unique visual interface.

* Links to the best available content music fans care about, driven by the belief that the user experience comes first, and that being a trusted, knowledgeable voice and frequently visited site is more important than pushing a particular agenda.

* An original, comprehensive Tech Guide section with descriptions of each major portable player, music service, and software. Includes unparalleled information on compatibility between services, formats, devices and software presented in clear, no-nonsense charts, as well as tutorials that demystify software and hardware compatibility issues.

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CNet Relaunches – Music Search Engine & Download Portal

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