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Cleaning Up SEJ Author Bio Links

Dear SEJ Contributors & Readers,

Thank you for everything you have contributed to SEJ and your participation in our community, comments & social media.

We’ve noticed a major trend in our writer bios. About 90% of our bios include exact match links, extra links and other links to multiple companies. In an effort to clean up a lot of the linking on SEJ and improve the self policing of our content, we have decided to eliminate all of these links in the existing author bios.

WHAT?! NO LINKS?!?! Before everyone freaks out, let’s keep in mind that this is not the case.

At SEJ we have provided controlled fields which supply links to your Author Name, Company Name, Twitter Profile, Google+ [This is synched with Authorship Markup], Facebook …etc.  This is the awesome proprietary work of our CTO at Alpha Brand Media, Slobodan Manic

For example, here is my new author bio. Notice that there are no links in the bio itself, but above the bio :

SEJ Link Ex

This way, you still get to naturally link to your site, sending over a highly relevant citation, without questionable exact match anchor text. Keep in mind, although your profile may not currently have an exact match or questionable link, you’re going to sleep better knowing that other authors are not adding questionable links — and you’re in a safe neighborhood.

Expect these changes to happen within the next week 🙂

If you have any questions, or would like to make sure that your social profile is updated with all of the right info, please feel free to contact myself, John Rampton & our Editorial Team at

Sincerely, Loren Baker

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Cleaning Up SEJ Author Bio Links

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