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Chitika eMiniMalls Google Listing an Affiliate Link

Chitika eMiniMalls Google Listing an Affiliate Link

Heard of Chitika eMiniMalls yet? Well they are one of the hottest forms of contextual advertising since AdSense or Y!PN and have stormed various blogs and publisher sites as an alternate form of garnering high click thru rates and high PPC’s. The interactive ads seem to work best on product review sites or sites targeted to specific consumer industries.

We tried them here on Search Engine Journal, but they didn’t cut the mustard since most of the ads were either irrelevant to our news stories or showing email marketing software. Not to belittle eMiniMalls in any way, since not all forms of advertising work on all types of sites, and the search engine industry is a very niche target, different from the consumer / shopping world which Chitika ads seem to work best with.

Ok, back to the news. If you do a search for “Chitika eMiniMalls” on Google you’ll see that some lucky duck’s affiliate referral link has the #1 listing instead of the normal site. Chitika eMiniMalls affiliates receive 10% of all referred earnings for 12 months. I wonder if this affiliate planned the Google placement or has just fallen headfirst into affiliate riches. Here’s the listing:

Chitika, Inc. – The Leader in Impulse Merchandising
Chitika’s flagship service, eMiniMalls, is the industry’s first impulse product merchandising service. Based on a proprietary patent-pending product …

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Chitika eMiniMalls Google Listing an Affiliate Link

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