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ChatGPT Alpha Appears As OpenAI Works To Resolve Elevated Errors

Is OpenAI about to release ChatGPT Alpha? Users are experiencing elevated errors as OpenAI implements a fix for the API and ChatGPT.

chatgpt alpha about to launch

Some ChatGPT users are experiencing high-demand errors on the OpenAI systems, and “ChatGPT Alpha” appears in the model selection dropdown.

In addition to the new voice capabilities in ChatGPT available for free and the continued wait for a decision on where Sam Altman will go next, is OpenAI about to launch something big?

This is the screen I received (as a ChatGPT Plus users) when trying to work on a task.

chatgpt alpha high demandScreenshot from ChatGPT, November 2023

Along with the appearance of “ChatGPT Alpha” and the error, all of my chat history and custom GPTs were gone.

Once the error disappears, the dropdown selection looks like this.

Screenshot from ChatGPT, November 2023

A post on the OpenAI Developer Forum from 18 days ago suggests it could be a version similar to GPT-4 All Tools that is available to free users.

According to Reddit users, it may be accessible at

OpenAI is working on elevated errors on the API and ChatGPT.

Screenshot from OpenAI, November 2023

Other Plus subscribers are also experiencing the issue.

And dealing with lost conversation history.

In related news, this summarizes what we know so far about ChatGPT Alpha from Perplexity Pro, written with the new Claude 2.1 from Anthropic:

Screenshot from Perplexity, November 2023

Featured image: photosince/Shutterstock

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ChatGPT Alpha Appears As OpenAI Works To Resolve Elevated Errors

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