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The other week I joined, the online event, local and “meeting up” social networking site, in an effort to meet other bloggers, search marketers, web developers and restaurant snobs in the Tampa area.

I moved to Tampa, Florida last month and SEJ contributor Rhea Drysdale suggested MeetUp as a local networking tool.

So, I registered with the site, built my profiles, and joined a handful of groups. For each specific MeetUp group you build an original profile page, so I have a different profile page with information about me for Tampa Bloggers than I do for Tampa Mountain Bikers.

I was performing a vanity search on Google yesterday and saw the usual highly ranked profile pages for MyBlogLog and Yahoo 360, also good places to build links.

But was surprised to see this Tampa Blogger profile listed as #10 for my name.

In the profile there is a section to place an external link to your own web site and get this, the link is not NoFollow. Additionally, the link lets you use your favorite Anchor Text, which is useful for Google based SEO.

Sure the profile pages do not have high Google PageRank, but that argument is obsolete since the MeetUp site is a high authority site and full of original content. Just the fact alone that my MeetUp profiles are ranking on the top two result pages on Google after a week over 128,000 other results for “loren baker” is proof that these pages are valuable.

By including MeetUp as part of your reputation management and link building strategy, your profile can rank highly for your name and if you join 20 or 30 groups, you won’t only have 30 new anchor text rich authority backlinks indexed among the major search engines helping with your ranking, but you’re sure to meet some like minded people at the same time.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Chad Ledford

    Good find – I am creating a profile now πŸ™‚

  • Rockyfied

    Good on ya Loren!!!!

  • Rhea Drysdale

    There goes the neighborhood!! πŸ˜‰

    Once I finally posted on SEJ I started doing daily vanity searches… yeah, I’m a loser, but my name blew up fast, so it was fun to watch. Anyways, I’ve also noticed, MyBlogLog, Yahoo 360, Flickr and Technorati profile pages trumping other results.

  • Sharon Vaz

    I offer a free coaching clinic for Internet marketing clinic via called The Singapore Internet Marketing Warriors and receive an explosion of requests for people to join every week–so much so that I now have to interview potential members to weed out the non-serious ones. While is a great place to meet like minded people, you also have to be aware that the average member joins several groups. As a result, their attention is divided and it can be difficult to get a high level of commitment from them on a regular basis. And unlike forums, where you can get a high level of interation, Meet Up message boards can often lack the intense exchange of ideas that you can get from an active online community.

  • Kevin Gibbons

    Nice find, I’ve just built a couple of links, I mean signed up to some interesting meet ups!

  • Runescape

    thanks and I will add this site Runescape Money Making Tips on meetup.

  • Credit Services

    Thanks Loren,

    Registering a new account now. I love free links!

  • Matt

    Another website to be spammed and abused..Not a big fan of these articles, no offence. But just looking at the last comment, is clearly what will happen.

  • Bubble Wrap

    Thanks Loren. What Matt says is true but thanks for providing the info. We all need links πŸ™‚

  • iDynn

    Great findings.I register it now as meetup members.

  • Cher

    Thanx for sharing the info. I’ll register myself and create a profile.

  • G4HQ

    Thanks for the information, just wish it was free