Quickly Check Your Page in Other Browsers (FireFox)

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Do you use FireFox but want to make sure your site looks good to the users of other browsers? Well, this is a good move, here are a few basic tools to make this task easier:

Browser Shots

Browsershots tool makes screenshots of your web page in different browsers.

When you submit your web address, it will be added to the job queue. A number of distributed computers will open your website in their browser. Then they will make screenshots and upload them to the central server here.

The process if really quick and easy:

  • Provide the page URL;
  • Check the browsers you want to see your page in;
  • Select the desired screen size, color depth, Javascript and Flash settings;
  • Wait for the tool to generate the screenshots.


Install FireFox plugins

There are a number of FireFox addons that allow to view the current page or a link in an alternative browser:

Opera view addon

Install One Combined Addon

Browser view plus is an experimental addon that lets the user load Firefox links, bookmarks, or pages in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Chrome Application Window, Safari, Opera, or any other external browser. It also allows to change context menu text, language, or selected browsers, at any time, without restarting Firefox.

Browser view plus addon

An alternative addon that unites a number of browsers: Open With (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari).

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

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Ann Smarty
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  • Web design company

    Its really essential addon for web designers. for IE you can also use IE Tab(Fire Fox Addon)

  • Sal B / @mayhemchaos

    Looks like it’s down. Looks like a cool idea though.

  • Chris Wilson

    I’m thinking not all of these are available for Mac?

  • Sharon Ideas

    Very good blog! Hadn’t heard of some of these before but as someone who does website testing I will definitely be looking into this some more! Thanks!

  • Mikey

    I agree, these are essential tools. I knew about browsershots but not the others. Thanks again for wonderful, helpful information.

  • Mike Wilton

    I’ve been using this tool for sometime now and LOVE it. With a background in design I used to use it all the time for new projects I was testing. Now with my focus primarily on search marketing I don’t use it as often, but it’s still a great tool to have in your arsenal “just in case”.