Branding in Social Media [Infographic]

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This IG is from AYTM. They surveyed 2,000 US nternet users about their expectations from brands using social media and created this very informative and helpful infographic. If you are considering social media for your business you may want to take a good look at this IG.

Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

Melissa is the owner of SEO Aware, LLC. She is a consultant and trainer helping companies make the most of their content marketing and SEO. She specializes is the Psychology behind blogging and content marketing. Melissa is also an associate on the Community team at Moz, an associate and writer at CopyPress and an editor at Authority Labs. She is a self-proclaimed Star Wars and Internet geek and volunteers with big cats at
Melissa Fach

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  • Chris Fletcher

    Thanks Melissa – great data for us to work from. I especially like the confirmation for our clients that people see coupons from brands as a positive thing.



  • Stephen

    This is great information. This is a great reason for businesses to be on social media platforms and to monitoring social media. This provides evidence that people are interacting with brands on these platforms and posting about your brand.

  • Rich Cederberg

    This is a great informative infographic. Most of the information provided did not surprise me but in #7 I was surprised to see video rate so low. Didn’t think it would rank below mailed flyers for sure. Thanks for this.

  • Harendrasingh Rajput

    nice informative info graphic Graph you have presented. Facebook the Highly Trend Social media …Twitter is not more familiar with Users… i Found Most IT Persons, Celebrities only understand Twitter .. i am SEO and Social media Professional Work for So many companies but the main Problem is lake of More awareness about social media like twitter, linkedin, quora… ?

  • Paul

    Agreed – quality infographic. One to print off and stick on my wall. Easy to follow and logical presentation of some pretty insightful data.