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Bradley Horowitz Leaves Yahoo for Google

On the verge of a takeover and after laying off 1,000 employees yesterday, Yahoo does not seem to be a stable place to work anymore and the end result of many employees who have been job searching and looking for something more stable over the past month or so is beginning to come to fruition.

Bradley Horowitz, a major force in Yahoo Search and Advanced Technology who used to lead the Yahoo Brickhouse business & technology incubation division, has left Yahoo for Google.

I first met Bradley when he was working on Yahoo Multimedia Search and the Yahoo Music projects and I do agree with Michael Arrington that losing Bradley is a major blow to Yahoo, especially losing him to their top competitor and not an entrepreneurial start-up.

Michael reports that Bradley will now be at Google working on the OpenSocial project under Joe Kraus.

Now that the layoffs at Yahoo are a reality and some of their head stars are jumping ship, will we see an exodus from the company? Hopefully Yang & his team can keep Yahoo’s core around long enough to convince the troops that the company will prevail and prosper under whichever road they take .. which will probably lead to Microsoft.

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Bradley Horowitz Leaves Yahoo for Google

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