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Boost Your Website’s Traffic with Pinterest


Although Pinterest is considered as a young social network, it has the potential to boost your website’s traffic. Based on a study posted by Brian Solis last January, the online pinboard can drive more traffic to websites than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined.

Be the First to Pin Your Blog

Of course, no Pinterest user will know that your content exists if you don’t post it. The initiative should come from you. That way, you can expand your brand’s online presence to a new segment of audience.

Choose the Best Blog Post to Pin

Pinterest is more on the visual side of online content. That’s why you have to choose the best blog post to pin. By choosing the best entry, it is not only about a well-though and well-written post. You should also consider whether your content includes a visually compelling image. That’s because a great photo is what attracts a Pinterest user to your content, as well as re-pin it to his or her network.

Choose or Create Your Pin Image

If you can’t find a pinnable content, you can always create one. Just make sure that it is a relevant and high-quality image, so that it can encourage users to share your content. Furthermore, don’t forget to add a call to action on your image or its description. Invite them to visit your website or blog, so that it can drive traffic to your content.

Write Your Pin Description

A pin description, which is written under the image, provides additional information of what your image is all about. Moreover, this is a great way to optimize your content. Therefore, you have to make sure that you can incorporate your keywords on your pin description, including a link to your site. That way, you can attract a qualified user to your content, while encouraging him or her to visit your website.

Add the “Pin It” Button

You may think that this works the other way around, but adding a Pin It button on your site is another way of making your content shareable on the online pinboard. As mentioned before, the more people share your content, the higher the chances that it can drive traffic to your main page.


Pinterest may be a new social networking site, but it can tap another segment of your potential audience. Hence, if you know how to take advantage of its strength, this online pinboard can be beneficial to you.

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Aki Libo-on

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Boost Your Website’s Traffic with Pinterest

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