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Blurring the Lines Between Search and Social: An Interview with Johnathan Siddharth

Everyday, different parts of the online experience work hand in hand. Technologies are straddling the lines, working across different channels, and forging identities that previously did not exist.

Flipora is one of those platforms—a social media site that is able to provide users with interesting, relevant content based on their search history and other online behaviors, stripping away all of that unwanted content from users’ daily activities.

In a recent interview from ad:tech, Murray Newlands talks to Flipora’s Jonathan Siddharth about how Flipora is blurring the lines between search and social, and how it can be a viable marketing channel and a replacement for traditional search marketing.

To find out more, watch the full interview below:

These are the key takeaways from the video:

  • In the interview, Jonathan describes Flipora as a “recommendation engine” that suggests content to users based on their online preferences and behaviors. He makes the differentiation between Flipora and a traditional search engine by saying with a search engine, users are required to tell the system what they’re looking for, whereas Flipora uses an algorithm to provide content to users without asking them to search for anything explicitly.
  • According to Jonathan, Flipora currently has around 30 million active users and is seeing growth of about 2 million users per month.
  • The way Flipora collects data and serves content is different from that of a traditional search engine. Rather than using backlinks and cookies, Flipora’s algorithm learns a user’s individual preferences by analyzing their browsing history and then matches them with users that have a similar browsing history.
  • For content creators, Flipora offers a great opportunity for content to be found and shared. As long as Flipora users engage with your content, more and more of them will see it, which brings obvious monetization potential to the table and will also help you expand your readership and grow your fan base.
  • Flipora may not function like a traditional search engine, but it is blurring the lines between search and social and offering a new vehicle for content discovery.

Ultimately, Flipora is proving to be a powerful new engine for discovering and/or marketing content to highly targeted and engaged users. Because the site studies user behavior and provides content based on individual preferences and history, businesses can use it to ensure their content is reaching audiences that are interested in it, and not annoying those who aren’t.

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Murray Newlands CEO at Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands FRSA is an entrepreneur, investor, business advisor and speaker. Newlands is also an adviser to the Draper Nexus ...

Blurring the Lines Between Search and Social: An Interview with Johnathan Siddharth

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