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Bluehost Launches AI WordPress Website Creator

Bluehost launches an AI site building tool that achieves a new state of the art for easy WordPress website creation

Bluehost WordPress Hosting

Bluehost launched an AI Website Creator that enables users to quickly create professional websites, an evolution of the click and build website builder that makes it easy for anyone to create a WordPress website and benefit from the power and freedom of the open source community.

The importance of what this means for businesses and agencies cannot be overstated because it allows agencies to scale WordPress site creation and puts the ability to create professional WordPress sites within reach of virtually everyone.

Point And Click Website Creation

Bluehost offers an easy website building experience that provides the ease of point and click site creation with the freedom of a the WordPress open source content management system. The heart of this system is called WonderSuite.

WonderSuite is comprised of multiple components, such as a user interface that walks a user through the site creation process with a series of questions that are used as part of the site creation process. There is also a library of patterns, templates, and an easy to configure shopping cart, essentially all the building blocks for creating a site and doing business online quickly and easily.

The new AI Website Creator functionality is the newest addition to the WonderSuite site builder.

AI Website Builder

An AI website builder is the natural evolution of the point and click site creation process. Rather than moving a cursor around on a screen the new way to build a website is with an AI that acts as a designer that responds to what a user’s website needs are.

The AI asks questions and starts building the website using open source WordPress components and plugins. Fonts, professional color schemes, and plugins are all installed as needed, completely automatically. Users can also save custom generated options for future use which should be helpful for agencies that need to scale client website creation.

Ed Jay, President of Newfold Digital, the parent company of Bluehost, commented:

“Efficiency and ease are what WordPress entrepreneurs and professionals need and our team at Bluehost is dedicated to deliver these essentials to all WordPress users across the globe. With AI Website Creator, any user can rely on the Bluehost AI engine to create their personalized website in just minutes. After answering a few simple questions, our AI algorithm leverages our industry leading WordPress experience, features and technology, including all aspects of WonderSuite, to anticipate the website’s needs and ensure high quality outcomes.

The AI Website Creator presents users with multiple fully functional, tailored and customizable website options that provide a powerful but flexible path forward. It even generates images and content aligned with the user’s brief input, expediting the website off the ground and ready for launch.”

Future Of Website Creation

Bluehost’s innovative AI site creator represents the future of how businesses get online and how entrepreneurs who service clients can streamline site creation and scale their business with WordPress.

Read more about Bluehost’s new AI Website Creator:

WordPress made wonderful with AI

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Bluehost Launches AI WordPress Website Creator

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