How To Unlock SEO Success With Semrush’s New AI Content Creation Tool

How To Unlock SEO Success With Semrush’s New AI Content Creation Tool

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Quality content is essentially the fuel that powers your SEO strategy – without it, you won’t get very far.

Even with a winning website design, you’ll find yourself stuck if you don’t have a consistent flow of content to promote your brand.

According to Semrush’s State of Content Marketing: 2023 Global Report, frequent posting is the top tactic for ranking in 2023.

But let’s say content isn’t exactly your specialty – where do you begin?

What if you’re short on time, or a small team with limited bandwidth?

By automating your content strategy, you can start increasing organic search visibility and boosting conversion rates.

Let’s explore how.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Content Creation

Search engines like Google value content that’s useful and relevant to searchers.

If you provide answers to user queries, you’re likely to rank higher on SERPs and generate more traffic for your business.

But if you’re struggling to come up with content ideas that resonate with your target audience, AI technology could provide that little extra boost you need.

When you use AI to power your strategy, you can more efficiently create the kind of content your audience is really searching for.

As long as there’s human oversight to apply real-life experience, as well as for fact-checking and editing, it’s okay to let technology do the heavy lifting.

ContentShake by Semrush is a one-stop content writing tool you can use to create unique, engaging copy that clicks with your customers.

So if you’re concerned about AI generating content that’s too similar to your competitors’, this tool is intuitive enough to help you create content that’s suited to your specific needs.

With ContentShake, you can combine your topical business expertise with AI and competitive data to write articles that are both engaging and have a higher potential to rank.

Here, we’ll cover how you can use ContentShake by Semrush to transform your workflow in the following ways:

  1. Find resonating content ideas & actionable, data-driven tips with AI.
  2. Write quality content faster using AI & competitive data.
  3. Use AI to improve and optimize your content with ease.

Learn how to start incorporating AI into your content strategy to produce high-quality, unique copy faster and at scale.

Step 1: Find Resonating Content Ideas & Actionable, Data-Driven Tips With AI

Producing a high volume of content on a consistent basis comes with its challenges – particularly for business owners who don’t specialize in content marketing.

Even professional content creators struggle with the occasional case of writer’s block.

Not to mention, the overwhelming task of constantly coming up with new topics and ideas.

But what if you could easily identify your customer needs and search queries to generate content ideas that resonate?

That’s where AI comes in.

ContentShake by Semrush makes it easy to analyze your competition, as well as the questions your audience asks online.  

Simply enter details about your niche, and ContentShake will generate multiple topic ideas for you to choose from.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Input a topic or keyword of your choice, related to your business.
  2. Based on the information you provide, the tool will come up with a list of content ideas relevant to your business needs.
  3. Select from the ideas provided, or adjust to create your own custom idea.
Screenshot from, August 2023

Start using ContentShake by Semrush and see how many interesting content topics you can conjure up!

Step 2: Write Quality Content Faster Using AI & Competitive Data

You know how crucial quality content is to your brand’s online success – but perhaps, you just don’t have the time to create it.

According to Semrush State of Content Marketing: 2023 Global Report, creating quality is the second most important tactic for ranking higher in search.

Screenshot from, August 2023

Perhaps, you’re running a small business with limited staff and resources, and the thought of churning out consistent content would stretch you too thin.

Luckily, AI allows you to speed up the content creation process, so you’ll have more time to focus on growing your business.

Use AI to start writing better, more targeted content faster than ever.

For instance, with ContentShake you can simplify your workflow by combining your expertise with AI technology to write more efficiently.

Use the suggestions based on Semrush’s powerful competitive data to see what works best for your rivals. You can then integrate those insights into your own content to increase your chances of ranking.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Once you have your topic ideas, now you can start assembling your article with ContentShake’s ‘Compose with AI’ feature. Use this function to help you create and improve bits of text.
  2. The tool will also create an article outline for you, based on the topic you enter. Plus, you can customize the content based on your target readability level, word count, and even tone of voice.
  3. From here, it will suggest titles, introductions, blog structures, target keywords, images, and more, which you can assemble to create your article.

ContentShake will not only show you results based on open AI, but you’ll also get options from Semrush’s analysis of the top 10 organic competitors related to your topic.

Screenshot from, August 2023

With the help of AI technology, you can automate the toughest steps of the writing process and streamline your strategy.

To make the whole process even faster, you can use the “Ask AI” chat feature.

Screenshot from, August 2023

Simply enter any content request and get your copy generated in an instant.

Screenshot from, August 2023

Next, you can begin further optimizing your content for SEO success.

Start now with ContentShake by Semrush and take your content marketing to the next level.

Step 3: Use AI To Improve & Optimize Your Content With Ease

Optimization is an important part of your workflow – and now, thanks to ContentShake, it’s easier than ever.

Publishing a large volume of content with speed and efficiency is one thing – but quality still rules over quantity when it comes to search rankings.

So, if you’re looking to improve your SEO while automating your content creation process, you need to make sure everything you’re putting out is up to standard.

We’ve explored how AI can help you create new content that ranks highly on SERPs.

But did you know that ContentShake will also help you optimize your draft for users and search engines?

Sometimes, the tone of your article could be either too casual or too formal for the audience you’re targeting. Other times, you could simply be missing the right keywords to attract the desired traffic.

Or, your articles might be too hard to read, leading to higher bounce rates and lower engagement.

Regardless, there is always room for improvement, if your goal is to create the best reader experience and generate the most organic traffic.

So, let’s dive into how ContentShake can help you optimize your content for better results.

  1. Start by entering your content into the tool and score it with the ‘Optimization’ feature. This function assesses your copy across three dimensions including readability, SEO, and tone of voice.
Screenshot from, August 2023

2. Next, make the necessary adjustments to your content, based on Semrush’s suggestions. ContentShake will highlight which parts of your copy need improvement. Next, you can , instantly rephrase, simplify, expand, or summarize your text using AI.

Screenshot from, August 2023

3. Finally, publish your content with confidence, knowing your articles are now easy to read and keep a consistent tone of voice! ContentShake actually allows you to transfer your articles to Google Docs and publish them directly to WordPress in one click.

Screenshot from, August 2023

Create Better, More Targeted Content Faster

Start growing your business with simple yet powerful content marketing.

ContentShake uses the power of AI to guide you from content ideation to publishing directly to your blog.

Use competitive data and market insights to compose your articles and optimize them for high engagement and rankings.

You can easily try this revolutionary writing tool for free, and instantly benefit from advanced AI generations from the first session.

However, if you want to use the tool’s full capabilities with no limits, you should look into Semrush’s paid subscription options.

Try ContentShake now, and start mastering your content marketing strategy today!

Start mastering your content marketing strategy today!

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