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Bloggers Launch b5media Blog Network

Bloggers Launch b5media Blog Network

Jeremy Wright, Darren Rowse, and Duncan Riley are all fairly well known people in the blogosphere, and now, they’ve formed a new blogging network which pays its writers a respectable income. Mr. eBay, Mr. Six Figures, and Mr. Herald have joined forces to bring us b5media, backed by 14 blogs, 8 bloggers, and “a fair amount of optimism.”

b5media is offering a 40% of blog revenue pay scale to its writers, which is apparently generous when compared to WeblogsInc and some other networks who’s blog contracts have been posted in the blogosphere.

I’ve ‘known’ Jeremy and Duncan for a good while and they’ve both contributed here at the Search Engine Journal. I’m just as familiar with Rowse’s which is a must read for any web publisher. I wish the Three Amigos (heck, I could say Stooges) the best and expect b5media to be a quality offering. They’ve pinpointed some niche markets (such as flight enthusiasts, something Jeremy Zawondy should be interested in) and have also launched a couple of blogs targeting… girls; a smart move! Here’s a rundown of b5media’s blogs from Jeremy’s release.

The Sports Weblog – A sports blog. The writer has chosen to add personality to the mix, by always favoring one team in each league, and always contrasting things against that team. It might get old, but so far it lends and entertaining slant to something that could otherwise just be rehashed sports content.

The Movie Weblog – This is done by Jacob, who also writes the sports blog, as well as Erin who is one of the Play Girlz writers. I enjoy reading this blog personally, but then I’ve been craving real, down-to-earth movie reviews for a while J

The Unofficial Windows Vista Weblog – Windows Vista is Microsoft’s next Operating System. This is a blog about that.

The Unofficial Microsoft Weblog – This should be fairly obvious. Written by John, who also writes the Vista blog. We wanted to give a place for a solid amount of Microsoft news. In truth, I pitched Jason at WIN on overhauling the MS blog there (which only gets a post a day on average) and he turned me down. I’m glad we can start to build a solid repertoire of MS info now.

Cooking Gadgets – This is a crossover gadget. The blogger wanted to write a blog about cooking as well as a gadget blog. We didn’t feel a gadget blog was needed right now. So, the answer? One that combines both worlds. Written by Arieanna Foley of

Play Girlz – This sounds so … dirty. But, it’s our video game blog. Written by 2 hardcore gamer chicks. Who chose this name themselves!!! Awesome. They’re still finding their pace (They’re both new to blogging), but once they do this should be a funny, kickass blog.

Flight Nest – Aviation blog written by Tim Flight and Mike Elgan. Both hobby pilots and incredibly smart.

Cellphone9 – How can you have a blogging network without a mobile phone /mobile gadgets blog? Thankfully we have a young asian guy writing this, who’s getting loads of scoops on cool stuff. It probably won’t be Engadget, but we’re really happy that Jayvee is not only having fun, but that he’s infusing his personality into the writing.

b5media blog – … Does this count in the network list? Ah well, it’s a blog, it’ll be active, and it’s live.

Simply Dumb – This is like fark. Only in blog format. And without the boobs. Weird, wacky, wonderful things from around the web.

Unplugged Living – Have you ever wanted to live “off the grid”? Kevin Humphrey from Turboblogger ( had this as his passion, so we’re letting him express it. This blog is only “awake”, but it’ll be live (fingers crossed) for Wednesday.

She Knows Best – Mentioned already. Arieanna is also writing this one. Once again, this one was determined by passion.

Literally Blogging – This is our “literature” blog. We’re excited about this, mainly because it’s an area we haven’t seen covered by other blog networks, but also because the two bloggers are both literature buffs (Jacob, from the Sports and Movie weblog and Erin from Play Girlz and the Movie weblog).

Search Engine Herald – This is an existing blog, from Duncan’s Weblog Empire network, which is being brought into b5 (as many of our existing blogs will be over time).

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Bloggers Launch b5media Blog Network

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