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Blog Editor Wanted at Blog Search Engine

Blog Editor Wanted at Blog Search Engine

If you’re a fan of the blogosphere and serious about blogging, the Blog Search Engine is looking for an experienced blogger who would cover the world of blog related news, professional blogging, blog software, and review a couple of interesting blogs each week. Blog topics could also include blog search, RSS readers, programming, and anything else to do with the blogging industry.

Blog Search Engine is one of the oldest Blog Search entities on the market, and receives over 3,000 visitors a day. Our blog is already well read, but with the addition of a new Blogger (Editor) to the BSE, I can focus on syndication of the blog content, a new blog template and further marketing of the site.

The Blogger (Editor) would be responsible for the blog portion of the website, and not the search engine or future additions. For a long term and serious commitment, we can offer the Blogger (Editor) revenue of 100% of contextual advertising earnings from the Blog Search Engine blog. Please send an email to me, Loren Baker with your contact information and blogging experience and I will send you a prompt response.

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Blog Editor Wanted at Blog Search Engine

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