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Blog Comment Spamming Leads to Google Banning

Blog Comment Spamming Leads to Google Banning

For those of you who are new to search engine optimization and have been approach by or have seen ads for “blog submission software”, be warned, such blog comment spamming software probably will lead to your site being banned by Google and other search engines. A new user at Webmaster World apparently tried a blog comment spamming tool which he bought via Clickbank, and after using the program, his site was banned from Google.

I was within the first 5 results in Google but nowhere in Yahoo. So, for the first time, I decided to use an automated link-building method. It posted about 3,000 blog comments for me. And then, to my horror, I found that GOOGLE HAD BANNED MY SITE! Apparently Google no longer condones automated comment posting on blogs that have enabled it. So STAY AWAY FROM [blog submission software] unless you want to suffer the same fate I did!

First things first, to the best of my knowledge, Google has NEVER condoned automated blog comment posting (spamming) and nor would anyone I know in the blogging community. Blog comment spam is just that, it’s spam, and placing automated comments on blogs is not only going to hurt your own site in the long run, it may even harm the blogs that you are targeting. If not harm them, it sure as hell is going to cut into the time of the blog owner, who is going to have to take weeks out of his or her life to rummage through their comments and delete such crap messages and links.

Instead of spending money to have some revamped forum spamming script kill the reputation of your site or business, sit down and think for a moment. “How can I actually use blog commenting to benefit my site and the target blog I wish to comment on?

Easy, just take the time to search for some relevant blogs to your site’s content on Technorati, Feedster, or other Blog Search Engines. Then, actually take a moment to read some of the blog posts and the comments which are already threaded after the post. You see, these comments are a conversation. And contributing to the conversation, instead of throwing a bag of wrenches into the middle of it, will not only get you a natural SEO helping relevant link on a blog which covers content similar to your own site; it may even bring you some valuable traffic from the blog readers themselves.

Instead of working against bloggers and the online community by contributing to the comment spamming problem with questionable software, work with the community. A little effort on your part to leave an original thought provoking comment on a popular & well read blog, can go a very far way.

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Blog Comment Spamming Leads to Google Banning

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