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Bing’s Top Searches of 2016

bing top searches 2016

Bing is the last of the top 3 search engines to release its year-end report on top searches of 2016, but it has finally been revealed along with an accompanying promo video.

The video emphasizes “moments” rather than searches, which is also what the data highlights. Yes, Bing has rounded up its top searches, but they are broken down into categories. There’s no overall list of top searches, just a handful of top 10 lists by category.

These are “the trends that will shape our future,” as the company describes them. The categories consist of things like top viral trends, top feel good stores, top tech trends, and more.

Bing’s collection of data on its top searches of 2016 certainly lacks the depth and breadth of the reports offered by either Google or Yahoo. However, it’s the best insight we have so far into what was being searched for on the world’s second largest search engine.

The top searched tech trends are perhaps the most notable of what Bing has to offer in its end of year round-up, because of the profound impact technology has on the digital marketing industry.

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 5.06.36 PM

Bing also rounds up the top web creators, most of whom are known for their work on Google-owned YouTube.

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 5.06.49 PM

It’s easy to tell Bing is trying to keep a feel-good vibe with its year-end report of top searches. The report is full of slides with light-hearted categories such as: top animated shows, top video games, top celebrities, most anticipated cars, and so on. There’s one slide dedicated to “who we lost”, but other than that the report avoids all mention of any other serious or controversial topics.

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Bing’s Top Searches of 2016

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