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Bing’s Product Ads Can Soon Include Multiple Images

Bing’s Product Ads Can Soon Include Multiple Images

Bing Ads advertisers will soon be able to create product ads with up to 11 images — 1 main image plus 10 additional images.

In order to take advantage of this update, advertisers will first have to upload additional images in their product offer feeds.

Previously, only one image could be associated with a product ad. Now there can be as many as 10 supporting images per offer.

It sounds as though Bing Ads will allow advertisers to upload 10 additional images, but whether or not they all get shown will depend on the individual searcher. Here’s how the company words it (emphasis mine):

”Additional images can appear to potential customers in ads for your product and are commonly used to show a product from different angles and/or with product staging elements.”

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The addition of multiple images is coming soon, but Bing advertisers can stay ahead of the game by getting their ads set up right away.

Start by specifying additional images the product feed with a list of comma-separated URLs. The URLs for additional images can be added under an existing optional column titled [additional_image_link].

Additional images must meet the following requirements:

  • Alphanumeric 2,000-character limit.
  • Link must be HTTP or HTTPs only.
  • Image must be bmp, gif, exif, jpg, png or tiff.
  • The recommended minimum size is 220 pixels by 220 pixels.
  • The image size cannot exceed 3.9 MB.
  • No watermarks or free shipping text.

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