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Bing Makes it Easier to Find and Stream Radio Stations

bing radio stations

Bing has partnered with TuneIn to improve the way people can find information about radio stations, as well as locate where to stream them online.

Searching Bing for “online radio stations” will return a carousel of links to streams of some of the most searched for radio stations. Streaming one of the radio stations requires use of the TuneIn app.

In order to stream one of the radio stations from Bing search results on mobile, you will need to have the TuneIn app installed on your phone. If you’re searching on a desktop, Bing will redirect you to TuneIn’s website after clicking on a radio station.

According to the Bing Team, this foray into the search for streamable radio stations is just the beginning. With the help of TuneIn, Bing says it has identified 10,000 streamable radio stations and will continue to add more over the coming months.

”Enhancing our radio search experience is a natural extension of Bing’s existing music search experience, which already includes the ability to find videos, read lyrics and locate where to listen to your favorite songs and podcasts.”

When mentioning why it has now decided to enhance the search experience for radio, Bing points to a Nielsen report which indicates 93 percent of adults listen to the radio every week.

“Given this preference for radio, the Bing team has partnered with TuneIn to improve our radio-related search results.”

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Bing Makes it Easier to Find and Stream Radio Stations

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