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Bing Removes Side Text Ads, Adds New Bottom of Page Ad

Bing is expanding ad coverage at the bottom of search results pages, increasing the total number of ad units from 3 ads to 4 ads.

In addition, Bing has also removed sidebar text ads from search engine results pages in the United States. Product ads will still continue to be served on the sidebar.

This means US searchers will no longer see sidebar text ads, and Bing Ads customers can no longer run this ad type in the United States.

Bing claims this will be good for advertisers because bottom of page ads allow for richer ad formats than what can be served on the sidebar.

For now, Bing Ads will continue to offer sidebar text ads in other countries, but the company will be evaluating the use of the ad type in other markets at a later time.

“As part of the constant evolution of the Bing search engine results page (SERP) to provide more value for our users and our advertisers we are regularly evaluating performance and quality of our ads, including ad position on the SERPs.”

Bing’s evaluation of the US market found that excluding sidebar text ads drove overall click gains for advertisers. The lack of sidebar text ads was especially beneficial in boosting clicks for Mainline Text Ads and Product Ads.

These changes have already started rolling out, so Bing recommends that advertisers closely monitor their campaigns to see how the changes impact impressions and clicks. This applies to Bing search results online, not syndication partners such as Yahoo and AOL.

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Bing Removes Side Text Ads, Adds New Bottom of Page Ad

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