Bing Getting Into Olympic Spirit With Winter Olympics Search Features And Medal Tracker

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Bing Getting Into Olympic Spirit With Winter Olympics Search Features And Medal Tracker

If you had to guess which search engine would provide the best experience when searching for information related to the 2014 Winter Olympics, very few people would have thought Bing. But here they are just in time for the opening ceremonies this weekend, Bing is getting into the Olympic spirit with the launch of new search features designed specifically for the event.

When searching for specific sports or athletes on Bing, users will be treated to a rich search experience featuring full schedules and a Winter Olympic Medal Tally.

For example searching for figure skating, the first of the Olympic sports taking place this weekend, brings up a result that looks like this:

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 12.37.37 PM

The same type of result can be repeated to find the schedule of any of your favorite Olympic sports. To get all the information you need to know about a specific athlete, searching for them will bring up Bing’s timeline feature on the right sidebar as well as that particular athlete’s specific schedule for the Winter Olympics.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 12.51.14 PM

To keep track of your country’s gold medal count, because let’s face it that’s what the Olympics are all about, when medals start accumulating you can search for “Olympic Medal Tally” and see a tracker at the top of the page that looks like this:


Other features Bing is offering include a desktop app for Windows users and a video section dedicated to reliving past Winter Olympics moments. To learn more about these features, visit Bing’s Explore Winter Games page.

Matt Southern
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  • Bilal Ahmad

    Bing is slowly becoming a very useful search engine and if they keep adding such features then it can give tough competition to the Google search engines. This is indeed a very useful feature for the sport lovers.

  • Alex M.

    Yeah, Google’s doing much the same. I’ve mainly been following the outraged responses from people who’ve found their hotel room isn’t quite ready. As for Bing – I like it a lot. I’ve recently started using more search engines, instead of lazily relying on Google all the time.

  • James Halloran

    That’s trendy! I’m starting to notice the SERPs are starting to take on a seasonal edge to them. And by that, I mean they’re providing more and more useful info for high-profile events like the Olympics and the Super Bowl — things thousands of people are searching for during that time.

    It’s becoming similar to how Home Depot and Lowes provide an aisle exclusively for the season during that time of year. Right now, that aisle is full of snow removal materials for obvious reasons. The search engines are only starting to cater to such “seasonal” demands. It’s smart.

  • Shri

    Now a days Bing improved search query method, concentration on different aspects of things (like google concentrating on air fairs ) and Google had much data on these types of queries. I think It will take some more time to beat Google .!!

    Thank you “Matt Southern” for great research on Bing Engine Keep going 🙂