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Bing Announces LinkedIn Profile Targeting for Bing Ads

Bing Announces LinkedIn Profile Targeting for Bing Ads

The day most PPC managers and advertisers have been eagerly waiting for has arrived.

Bing Ads is expanding reach to LinkedIn users in LinkedIn Profile Targeting for text ads, shopping campaigns, and dynamic search ads.

Targeting for search on the Bing Network and owned/operated sites will be in open beta for all devices.

Currently, it is closed beta for targeting the Microsoft Audience Network.

Available LinkedIn Profile Targeting:

  • Industry: 145 industries.
  • Company: 80,000 companies.
  • Job function: 26 job functions.
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LinkedIn Profile Targeting can be applied to the campaign level or the ad group level.

Bid modifiers can be set for the profile targets, for example, increase bid by 15 percent to reach Microsoft employees.

LinkedIn profile targeting

To get started, add targeting to existing campaigns and ad groups.

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Go to the settings tab of each, and scroll to campaign/ad group targets, then edit target categories.

This announcement comes after the May release of the Microsoft Audience Network which is different from this release in that it serves native content placements on MSN,, the Edge browser, and select quality partner sites.

More information can be found on the Bing Ads blog.

Information provided by Bing Ads.

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In-post Image: Bing Ads


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