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Bing AI Celebrates 6 Months With New Features & Impressive Stats

Discover new features and usage statistics for Bing AI, including multimodal visual search, more browser support, and enterprise chat.

  • Microsoft reports high user engagement for Bing AI since its launch six months ago.
  • The Bing Image Creator, powered by OpenAI, has generated over 750 million images.
  • The Bing mobile app and Windows Copilot have extended AI-powered features.
bing ai chat new features

In six months since Bing and Edge’s reinvention, Microsoft reports staggering user engagement with over one billion Bing AI chats and 750 million images generated.

Additionally, Edge has seen nine consecutive quarters of growth, demonstrating its capacity to deliver high-quality artificial intelligence experiences to users worldwide.

AI-Generated Images And Chat History

Microsoft’s novel introduction of Bing Image Creator, using DALL-E models from OpenAI, enables users to conjure visuals from textual descriptions.

This groundbreaking integration of visual and verbal AI-generated content has already elicited a plethora of inventive use cases.

Screenshot from Bing/Google Chrome, August 2023

Further improvements have been made to Bing’s Chat experience. Now, Bing can remember past interactions and display them in the “Recent Activity” section.

Chat history allows users to revisit old conversations, enhancing the platform’s usability.

AI-Powered Search Features

Microsoft has also expanded the reach of Bing’s AI-powered features to mobile users.

AI has also been integrated into PCs with Windows Copilot, enabling centralized AI experiences for customers.

Windows Copilot, combined with Bing Chat, aims to streamline workflows by decreasing the need for multiple applications.

Bing is also incorporated into SwiftKey, beloved for its AI-powered predictive text technology, into iOS and Android services. Users can now compose texts, get AI translations, and edit the tone of emails, all powered by AI.

New Bing AI Features

Microsoft has announced third-party browser support for Bing, which broadens its user base. However, for the best Bing Chat experience, Microsoft continues to encourage using the Edge browser.

Bing Chat’s multimodal visual search feature, leveraging OpenAI models, allows users to query Bing with images.

Screenshot from Bing/Google Chrome, August 2023

Dark Mode has also been introduced for Bing Chat on desktop and mobile.

Additional features for the Bing iOS app allow users to toggle GPT-4 on or off and show tones. Hiding tones reveals the GPT-4 toggle, whereas showing tones allows for creative, balanced, and precise conversation styles.

Screenshot from Bing/iOS App, August 2023

Bing Chat Enterprise integrates the new AI-powered Bing in a work environment, providing AI-powered chat with commercial data protection.

Advancements To Bing AI

Microsoft remains enthusiastic about the future, promising continuous improvements to the platform and urging users to keep providing feedback.

The advancements to Bing’s AI-powered search and other features could be a game-changer for SEO professionals.

With enhanced capabilities like AI-generated content, searchable chat history, and Bing’s integration into third-party browsers, the platform offers new avenues for optimizing search strategies, content creation, and client interactions.

Bing’s expansive growth and the introduction of advanced AI features underscore the rising importance of AI in the search and digital marketing landscape.

Featured image: Rokas Tenys/Shutterstock

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Bing AI Celebrates 6 Months With New Features & Impressive Stats

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