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Bing Ads Lets Advertisers Manage Targeting Settings in Bulk

Bing Ads has rolled out an update to its user interface which now allows users to manage targeting settings in bulk.

Location targeting, ad schedule targeting, and device targeting settings can all be changed from the same place as a result of the latest update.

Previously, if advertisers wanted to adjust these settings for multiple campaigns, they would have had to visit the settings tab for each campaign and make changes individually.

In addition, Bing Ads will now show performance metrics inline for each of these settings, which will help advertisers when it comes to making informed decisions.

With the previous user interface, advertisers would have had to manually run a report for these settings in order to see performance metrics.

This data can be accessed from the new “Settings” tab, where advertisers will find options for “Locations,” “Ad schedule,” and “Devices.”

“… you’ll see the performance data for your location targets, decide which targets need to be modified, and make changes such as bid adjustments, adding new targets or removing existing targets. And––you can make changes in bulk across each of our campaigns by selecting them from the grid and clicking the Set bid adjustment button.

This new functionality will help you better understand the performance impact of your targeting settings and efficiently make changes to optimize them.”

Other Bing Ads Updates

While in the Bing Ads dashboard, advertisers will see a new updates within the “Dimensions” tab. Bing describes this as “a source of rich data for analytics,” which contains reporting metrics such as:

  • age
  • gender
  • geographic
  • time quarter
  • ad spend
  • revenue

Within this section, advertisers will now be able to customize the grid and filters for easier management.

There is a new “Filter” button to add conversion filter criteria to see specific data. Lastly, a new “Columns” drop-down menu will let users add only the columns they want to see.

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Bing Ads Lets Advertisers Manage Targeting Settings in Bulk

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