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Bing Ads is Removing Data From ‘Share of Voice’ Reports

Bing Ads is Removing Data From ‘Share of Voice’ Reports

Bing Ads has decided to remove data from the Share of Voice report, saying it’s no longer needed after introducing the competition tab.

The competition tab, rolled out in September, offers richer visualizations and actionable recommendations using AI-powered features.

As a result, Bing Ads is removing irrelevant columns from the Share of Voice report.

“We hope this update simplifies your reporting process, helping you to save time so you can focus on understanding your competitive landscape and leveraging the other valuable insights available.”

Starting in March, the following columns will be removed:

  • Impression share lost to ad relevance
  • Impression share lost to expected CTR
  • Impression share lost to bid
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The columns that will remain are:

  • Impression share
  • Impression share lost to budget
  • Impression share lost to rank

Bing Ads is Removing Data From ‘Share of Voice’ Reports

Bing also points advertisers toward its Performance Targets ability, which is another enhancement to the AI-powered performance reporting experience.

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This marks what may be the last Bing Ads update of 2018. The company says more innovative updates are on the way for 2019.


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