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Bing Ads Introduces Recurring Insertion Orders

Bing Ads advertisers can now create insertion orders that automatically renew after a set period of time.

Recurring insertion orders (IOs) are designed to help advertisers ensure their accounts stay live without having to create new IOs on a regular basis.

Advertisers no longer have to worry about the next IO, but they will still have the ability to manage IOs individually if they want to.

Bing says it’s fulfilling a need that is not being met by any other search advertising product.

“This is a need currently unmet in the search advertising space. Recurring insertion orders help facilitate your insertion order management and grant you the peace of mind to keep your accounts running with ease.”

How to Create a Recurring Insertion Order

Bing Ads advertisers can create a recurring insertion order by following the steps below:

  • Navigate to the Accounts & Billing page
  • Click on the “Insertion Orders” tab
  • Click on “Create order”
  • Select “Create a recurring insertion order”
  • Choose a name for the recurring IO
  • Select a frequency (monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or yearly)
  • Select an end date (or have the series end after a number of occurrences)

Once the recurring insertion order series has been created, advertisers can see the details of the recurring IO by adding columns for Series name, Frequency, and Series status.

Advertisers can also edit a recurring IO after it has been set, with the flexibility to edit just one IO or the entire series.

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Bing Ads Introduces Recurring Insertion Orders

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