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Bing Ads Introduces Color-Coded Labels

Bing Ads Introduces Color-Coded Labels

In an effort to assist with campaign management, Bing Ads is slowly rolling out color-coded labels to all accounts worldwide.

Bing Ads’ customized labels can be associated with campaigns, ad groups, ads, and/or keywords. Text details and color can be added to labels to help advertisers analyze their performance.
Bing Ads Introduces Color-Coded LabelsIf multiple ads are associated with the same promotion, for example, labels can be added to help advertisers quickly identify those ads.

When this feature is rolled out to your account, you will see a new ‘labels’ menu where you can add and remove labels in the Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads, and Keywords tabs.

As many as 50 labels can be assigned to one item. Once added, you can filter by label to isolate the data you’re looking for.

You will also be able to analyze the performance of labels in Dimensions tab, where new reports will be added for each type of label.

With Google AdWords supporting a similar labels feature, importing AdWords data to Bing Ads will also carry over all of the labels you’ve set up.

Labels will soon be available for the Bing Ads web interface, Bing Ads Editor for Windows, and the forthcoming Bing Ads Editor for Mac.


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