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Bing Ads Improves Search Term Reporting

Bing Ads has improved search terms reporting with more data and the ability to track more campaigns.

Bing Ads advertisers can now utilize the platform’s search terms management capabilities with shopping campaigns.

Search terms management allows advertisers to specify which keywords to track with respect to how ads perform when triggered by those searches.

Advertisers can also exclude keywords from search terms management, so they only receive insights about the searches they care about.

Bing Ads has expanded that ability to shopping campaigns. Insights from shopping campaigns will appear in the same grid.

Further, the search terms grid is now easier to find. You can now click on the new Search terms option when you’re under All Campaigns in the Keywords tab.

Here’s how it looks:

The search terms grid now also includes a new campaign type column, which helps to distinguish between search and shopping campaigns.

Lastly, Bing Ads has added an Added/Excluded column to view search terms that you’ve already added as keywords or negative keywords.

Bing says there will be more updates in this space throughout the coming year.

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Bing Ads Improves Search Term Reporting

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