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Bing Ads Editor Updated With Labels for Dynamic Search Ads

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Matt Southern
Matt Southern SEJ STAFF
Bing Ads Editor Updated With Labels for Dynamic Search Ads

Bing Ads Editor has been updated with the ability to organize dynamic search ads by adding shared labels.

Support for dynamic search ads (DSAs) was first brought to Bing Ads Editor in October 2017. DSAs are a campaign type that will dynamically adjust an ad’s landing page according to what is most relevant to the query.

Advertisers can now use labels to organize DSAs in Bing Ads Editor in a way that makes sense to them. For example, if you have ads for a product that typically sells during just a few months out of the year, you might create a label for those ads called “Seasonal.”

Then, when it comes time to pause seasonal ads, simply filter all ads by the “Seasonal” label and bulk update their status.

Labels can be created for anything— ad units can even have multiple labels. They can also be color-coded for easy reference.

These labels are strictly for the person or persons managing the Bing Ads account. They do not affect how the ad is shown to searchers, so go ahead and add as many labels as you want.

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