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Bing Ads Can Now Have Security Badge Annotations

Bing Ads Can Now Have Security Badge Annotations

Bing Ads advertisers can now add a new type of annotation which lets searchers know that a site is secured.

Here is an example of what the new security badge annotation looks like:

Bing Ads Can Now Have Security Badge Annotations

This annotation can be added when the website is secured by a third-party antivirus provider.

According to Bing, in addition to increasing searchers’ trust in a website, it can also increase click-through rates.

“When your website is secured by a third-party antivirus provider, like Norton or McAffe, it increases customers’ confidence in your website. This added level of trust will also help to increase clicks and higher reliability for customers.”

The security badge annotation will only appear in US search results for users on a desktop device.

Unlike ad extensions, there is no action required from advertisers in order for annotations to appear within advertisements.

Annotations are automatically added to ads if Bing Ads determines that the annotation can improve ad performance.

All advertisers are eligible for ad annotations, however, annotations are not always guaranteed to show in the ads.

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For example, two competing advertisements will not show annotations at the same time. In these cases, the ad with greater expected impact from annotations is the one that will end up displaying annotations.

If an advertiser would prefer not to have annotations displayed in their ads they have to contact Bing Ads support to have the annotations removed.


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