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Best Search Engine Community Blog : 2005 Search Blogs Awards

Best Search Engine Community Blog : 2005 Search Blogs Awards

Best Search Engine Community Blog : 2005 Search Blogs Awards

Although Threadwatch and Search Engine Roundtable were both nominated for different awards for covering search engine news and search related issues, I felt that giving them their own category would help to differentiate these blogs a bit from the normal search blog pack.

Both Threadwatch and Search Engine Roundtable are community oriented blogs, powered by multiple bloggers under with Aaron Wall sitting at the head of the table at Threadwatch and Barry Schwartz calling the shots at Roundtable. While Threadwatch has a more active post contributing and commenting community, SERoundtable offers non-stop power group blogging at various search oriented conferences including Search Engine Strategies and Webmaster World gatherings.

With coverage of popular forum threads in mind when both blogs launched, both Threadwatch and Search Engine Roundtable have evolved into their own unique approaches to covering news and happenings around the search engine world, attracting a legion of dedicated readers.

And on to the winner of the Best Search Engine Community Blog of 2005: The reader voting in the Community Search Blog Showdown : Threadwatch or Search Engine Roundtable?

The winner is: Search Engine Roundtable!

Congrats to Barry Schwartz & the Roundtable contributions of Benjamin Pfeiffer, Shawn Hogan, Kim Krause, Ignacio “Nacho” Hernandez, Chris Boggs, Morgan Carey, and Dan Thies.

Voting Results: In a Search Engine Journal reader poll, readers were asked to choose between these two quality search blogs. Results are listed in percentage of votes for each blog.

Search Engine Roundtable : 56.2%
Threadwatch : 43.8%

Barry & Aaron, keep up the good work and I hope to see you both in the running again (hopefully with some more community run search blogs) at the end of 2006.

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