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Jesse Friedman is a veteran WordPress developer. In 2012 he wrote the “Web Designers Guide to WordPress“. With years of experience as a speaker and a Professor at Johnson & Wales University he delivers impactful and educational talks. Currently Jesse is the Director of Web Interface and Development at Astonish, the premier Digital Marketing Company for the Insurance Industry. Jesse co-organizes the local WordPress meet-up and is very active in the community. He works closely with his students and others to share knowledge and bring forth a better future for web design and development.


A friend created a really cool project, where he’s defining words using hex value colors.  It’s called and if you click the link you’ll...

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Out with the old ways of designing a website where there is a traditional landing (home) page and more basic interior pages.  We all know...

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Blogs have almost become as ubiquitous as the internet itsself. With powerful CMS tools like WordPress and Blogger it’s never been easier to start a...

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