Clark Boyd

Clark Boyd

VP Strategy at Croud
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Clark Boyd is VP Strategy at Croud, a digital performance agency. Over the last 7 years, he has devised and implemented International SEO and Content Marketing strategies for brands including American Express, adidas, and ASOS.Clark is based in New York City, but has worked in London and Sydney, and is originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

I’m Awesome At:

SEO, International SEO, Mobile SEO, Local Search, Content Marketing, Blogging

Favorite Tools:

Ahrefs, Botify, Answer the Public, Google Data Studio

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Rank Tracking in a RankBrain World

Rank Tracking in a RankBrain World

Ranking positions are the lifeblood of a successful SEO campaign, but with RankBrain at the heart of Google’s algorithms, they are harder than ever to pin down. How can SEOs track the performance of a metric that is in constant flux?

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