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Attending Search Engine Strategies Tokyo

Attending Search Engine Strategies Tokyo

On Thursday I’ll be packing up the laptop, business cards, digital camera & Japanese-English Dictionary and heading into Tokyo to attend Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo 2006 Japan – SES Tokyo.

Unlike the US and European SES Conventions, SES Tokyo is managed and organized by a separate unit; IDG Japan, Inc. with a little help from Yahoo Japan (which is also a major sponsor). SES Tokyo is a two day event and I’ll only be attending on Thursday, but will have the chance to be one of the only English language search bloggers I know attending the show (I do believe V7N’s John Scott will be there too).

Looking at the Search Engine Strategies Japan schedule, Thursday’s Keynote will center around Yahoo Search and Social Media.

Yahoo Japan is hands down the most powerful and influential Internet media company in Japan and Yahoo Japan has been on the forefront of Social Media integration into their active network of Yahoo Shopping, Auctions and Blogs. Oh yes, blogging is big in Japan and personal blogging in this country (especially among females) is probably more popular than any other country (hopefully I’ll come out of the conference Thursday with some hardcore numbers).

At 1 pm, after Bento Lunch Break, there looks to be an interesting session dubbed Search, Blog & Feed will change enterprise: Cutting-edge Knowledge Management 2.0.

Listing Advertisement: taking roots in Mobile industry at 2:10 pm should look at the monetization of mobile Internet in Japan via search advertising and display ads. Currently mobile net access in Japan is a bit expensive between the mobile access iMode charges and some portals charging a monthly subscription fee. Yahoo Japan and Google Japan have brought Overture and AdWords to the mobile, and Yahoo Shopping Japan has also made great leaps in mobile web monetization in this country.

Then after Afternoon Break (which translates to coffee & smoke break), there will be a panel discussion dubbed What is Web2.0 Generation Web marketing? Dig in for a secret of success in Web strategies!.

Unlike the CNet Japan Search Conference (that featured key speakers Microsoft Live’s Derrick Connell and’s Daniel Read) which I covered last fall, SES Tokyo is not scheduled to have any presentations in English.

However, with my trusty Dictionary and Katakana Shitajiki at my side, I will do my best to translate the heart and soul of SES Tokyo, ask questions, and blog what I can of the event live.

I’m also looking forward to speak with some of the sponsors and exhibitors including Yahoo Japan, SearchTeria, ValueCommerce, Imniture, & iREP. Additionally, I’m expecting to meet up with reps from Technorati Japan, Feedster, and while at the Expo.

If you will be attending SES Tokyo, please leave a comment after this post and hopefully we can meet up.

In addition, if you have any questions about blogs, search, SEO, or search marketing in Japan which you would like me to address in my conference coverage please be sure to comment below.

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Attending Search Engine Strategies Tokyo

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