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Attending CNET Japan Search Engine Conference on Friday

Attending CNET Japan Search Engine Conference on Friday

On Friday November 18th CNET Japan is holding their seasonal CNET Innovation Conference in Tokyo. This Autumn’s conference is all about search engines and has a fabulous lineup from both Japan based and US oriented search companies. I will be attending the conference and have already set up some times to speak with representatives from Ask Jeeves and Yahoo Japan. If you or your company will be attending, please mail me at or call me at 090-2734-4906 (10:00 – 18:00 Japan Time). The conference speakers are as follows:

Derrick Connell, Microsoft’s General Manager of Product Planning, who will be speaking on MSN Search and the MSN Portal; and hopefully have something to say on Windows Live.

Daniel Read, Vice President, Product Management, Ask Jeeves. As the vice president for the product management group at Ask Jeeves, Daniel Read is responsible for the management, design and development of Ask Jeeves consumer web properties. Hopefully Daniel will touch upon Ask Jeeves Blog Search in Japan.

Daniel and Derrick will be the only English speaking presenters for the day, the rest will be local reps from Japanese Search companies. Lunchtime will bring a roundtable discussion with representatives from NTT, Big Globe, MSN Japan, Yahoo Japan, LiveDoor, and Infoseek Japan.

After lunch there will be two speakers representing Yahoo, one on Yahoo Listing (Yahoo Search?) and then a second speaker from Overture (sorry but my Kanji reading is not superb and I am not sure of their names).

But wait a second, this is Japan- where are the blogs? Oh yes. At 4 pm there will be a second roundtable discussion, this time on blogging with Ask Jeeves Japan, NTT, Technorati Japan, LiveDoor, and moderated by CNET Japan Blog.

Closing out the conference will be Angela Lee, Google’s International Product Manager with a presentation on Global Search.

This is sure to be an exciting conference, and a good intro to the innovative world of Japanese Search and Blogging.

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Attending CNET Japan Search Engine Conference on Friday

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