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Ask Jeeves’s Steve Berkowitz at Search Engine Strategies

Ask Jeeves’s Steve Berkowitz at Search Engine Strategies

Ask Jeeves’s Steve Berkowitz at Search Engine Strategies

At this year’s Search Engine Strategies San Jose the Keynote Conversation was with Steve Berkowitz of Ask Jeeves. Barry Schwartz, who’s blog Search Engine Roundtable is covering the SES Conference, summarized the conversation which dealt mostly with Ask Jeeves’s role with IAC, AskJeeves sponsored search, and Ask Jeeves connection with MyWay Spyware.

Danny asks that now that you have been acquired by IAC, what is coming next? We know about the PPC ads.

Steve answers that as we invest in technology and core products, we need to bring those products above the fold. They spent the last year figuring out how to financially make that possible. The IAC acquisition allowed them to bring the Teoma results about the fold. Barry Diller asked them how to grow market share, and they said, to make the user experience better. They have the opportunity to build out the synergy between the two company’s with one focus, growing market share. IAC gives them a much better reach at advertisers. So now Ask can now focus on search, and IAC on advertising. You will see a big investment in marketing and building a brand and in building a better product through innovation (zoom, binoculars, and so on). They will hire more talent (Jim told me about one that they just hired who they are very excited about). He said he doesn’t think there is a better marriage for the company then IAC.

Danny says Barry Diller created a 4th channel for them in the UK. Ask is like that fourth channel in search. How do you shake up this image of the past Ask Jeeves with the butler and the Q & A service?

Steve said that has always been a challenge for them. They did there first TV ad, they grew share by 20% this past year. That is impressive in relation to others. They found the brand has great appeal. And they are working with Barry to figure out what else they can do. They know the technology is great and they will continue to be great. They are focused on core search and are trying to deliver this message. IAC backing with talent and money will make this happen.

Read the entire coverage of Keynote Conversation with Ask Jeeves’s Steve Berkowitz at Search Engine Roundtable.

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Ask Jeeves’s Steve Berkowitz at Search Engine Strategies

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