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Ask Jeeves to Reduce PPC Ads by 31%

Ask Jeeves to Reduce PPC Ads by 31%

Gary Price does it again, he posted a blog entry named Ask Jeeves Reports Earnings; CEO Comments on Improving User Experience By Reducing Number of Ads on Results Pages, which encouraged me to post a thread at both Cre8asite Forums as well as Search Engine Watch Forums. Basically, Ask Jeeves is publicly saying that they can and will reduce the number of ads shown in the SERPs because they feel that it will better improve user experience. I know the folks at Ask Jeeves have been feeling this way for a while now, but since Google Ads bring in a whopping 70% of their ad revenue, to drop them off, would be huge.

Ask Jeeves CEO is quoted in this article as saying: Berkowitz said that, in a bid to improve the user experience with the search engine, the company began to implement a program in early April to reduce by 31% the number of ads it shows at the top of its results pages. The company’s tests show that a smaller number of ads boosts the frequency with which people use the site and aids user retention. As such, Jeeves expects the change to help lift query volumes and ad revenue later in the year.

Ask Jeeves believe that by reducing the number of PPC ads, user experience will improve. When that happens, more repeat visitors, more new visitors, less ads per user but more ad impressions overall, more clicks, more money. At least, that is the hope. Major move!

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Ask Jeeves to Reduce PPC Ads by 31%

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