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Ask Jeeves Smart Answers Timeline

Ask Jeeves Smart Answers Timeline

Last week I touched a bit upon the Ask Jeeves Smart Answers offerings and their latest partnership with GoFish. GoFish will be providing multimedia content to the Ask Jeeves Smart Answers program, which works with multiple content oriented web entities to provide useful and rich information to searchers who are using Ask Jeeves.

Gary Price of Resource Shelf and News Editor at the Search Engine Watch blog emailed me this week with some of his archived Smart Answers information. Using a mix of Gary’s posts, and those from Search Engine Journal, I’ve put together an overview of the Ask Jeeves Smart Answers announcements which serves as a nice timeline of the Ask Jeeves program. If there are any Smart Answers which we have missed, please feel free to add them in the comments below.

April, 2003 : The Ask Jeeves Smart Answers program launched in April of 2003. “In April Ask.Com went live with a new look and a few new features. One of them is called Smart Answers. This service offers you the chance to type in a word or two and get an answer directly on a search results page. For some searches cases a search box and direct link to specialized database is embedded directly into the results list. Since Smart Answers was introduced an official list of the keywords to activate Smart Answers was not available. Today, Ask.Com provided ResourceShelf [Gary’s blog] with a complete list of Smart Answer triggers. In some cases you can save a few keystrokes by removing words like what, of, for, the, etc.” For the complete list of Smart Answers ‘triggers’, read Gary’s entry : Ask Jeeves Releases List of “Smart Answer” Shortcuts.

More Ask Jeeves Smart Answers additions (as part of the Smart Answers Timeline):

Jan 25th, 2005 : Famous People and Academy Awards Smart Answers : More Answers (Not Only Links) from AJ’s Smart Search

Aug 22th 2005 : World Nations and US States Quick Facts, Mammals, TV Shows, Video Games, Nascar, Periodic Table of Elements, Area Codes, and Planets : Ask Jeeves Unleashes More Smart Answers

Oct 1st, 2005 : Basic TV times and program information : Ask Jeeves Smart Search Makes Basic TV Program Reference Info a Click Away

Oct 18th, 2005 : Ask Jeeves and IDG Entertainment have announced a deal to serve IDG Entertainment content from,,, and at the top of all videogame-related searches : Ask Jeeves Serving IDG Content on Video Game Searches

Oct 20th, 2005 : Ask Jeeves Integrates Recipes into Smart Answers

Nov 23rd 2005 : Ask Jeeves has announced a partnership with GoFish to provide Smart Answers content on Ask. Ask Jeeves is reportedly phasing in the multimedia Smart Answers, with the first phase including music, video and podcast content provided by GoFish : Ask Jeeves Adds Multimedia Smart Answers

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Ask Jeeves Smart Answers Timeline

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