Ask Jeeves Adds Multimedia Smart Answers

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Ask Jeeves Adds Multimedia Smart Answers

Expanding their Smart Answers to multimedia oriented searches, Ask Jeeves has announced a partnership with GoFish to provide Smart Answers content on Ask. Ask Jeeves is reportedly phasing in the multimedia Smart Answers, with the first phase including music, video and podcast content provided by GoFish.

Previous to the Ask Jeeves partnership, GoFish had launched and tested their own Smart Answers type model at SearchWebMedia serves music, video, podcasts, ringtones, audiobooks, and user-generated content in a Multimedia Results box at the top of its search results page followed by Google powered web search results (try a sample search for Bebel Gilberto or 50 Cent). Consider it somewhat of a preview to future GoFish and Ask Jeeves Smart Answers projects.

If you perform a search for Michael Jackson on Ask Jeeves now, you’ll see that the GoFish results have been integrated into the Michael Jackson Smart Answer.

First Jeeves supplies the users with a description of the artist, from Then, Jeeves suggests that we use the Image search to find pictures of Michael. Third is product search, via a link to PriceGrabber shopping search product listings. The products offering is followed by a Music Downloads link, which takes the user to GoFish Multimedia results. The Smart Answers box also offers a link to the King of Pop’s Official Site, Music results powered by, and a Wikipedia entry on Michael.

GoFish (which also enjoys partnerships with IceRocket and results are commercial results, built upon affiliate sales partnerships with film and music distributors which help to monetize GoFish’s offerings. No comment on the monetization of the Smart Answers results in Ask Jeeves. However Daniel Read, Ask Jeeves VP Consumer Products, did tell me last week that Ask decides upon its Smart Answers partners based upon quality of the content offering alone, not monetization.

Ask’s Smart Answers Have Breathed New Life Into Ask Jeeves

Ask Jeeves has in the past year vastly improved its search results offerings with the Smart Answers program. Just less than one year ago I remember doing searches on Ask Jeeves and was completely unsatisfied with the search results, as a group of up to ten sponsored results were given above the fold, and the user would have to scroll down below the fold to follow the organic Ask results.
At the time, Ask also ranked as one of the lowest graded usability search engines of the major search offerings (if anyone has numbers from that study can you please email me or leave a comment below).

Over the past 8 months, Ask Jeeves has addressed the concerns of usability and the user experience, subtracting the sponsored link advertising and adding rich Smart Answers content, Web2.0 features and integrated searching tools. The end result is a complete turn around to the search engine, which, according to Mr. Read, benefits the entire user experience and also builds user loyalty to the search engine.

Search Engine Journal will be following up with a deeper look into Ask Jeeves Smart Answers and its new user experience next week.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • philip

    did terrell owens ever win a super bowl with the san francisco 49ers?

  • Flint

    Why be unsatisfied with search results and sponsored results above the fold, if there’s a tool without ads and with a contextual map. It’s called Quintura Search.

  • Loren

    How come everytime I post an Ask Jeeves story someone replies with a question like this one : “did terrell owens ever win a super bowl with the san francisco 49ers?”

    Leaving a comment on a blog is not going to find you the answer to your question Philip. I would suggest going to the Ask Jeeves site at and posing your question there.

  • wllacore

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  • wllacore

    Does President Bush want to start a nuclear war? Firing missiles with even depleated uranium is going to upset a lot of people.