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Ask Jeeves Serving IDG Content on Video Game Searches

Ask Jeeves Serving IDG Content on Video Game Searches

Ask Jeeves Serving IDG Content on Video Game Searches

Ask Jeeves and IDG Entertainment have announced a deal to serve IDG Entertainment content from,,, and at the top of all videogame-related searches. The content will be served as Ask Jeeves Smart Answers and “cuts down on users having to search through their search results for reliable content” with Ask Jeeves and IDG editorial content being “more accurate and timely than fan sites.”

IDG boasts that the Smart Answers editorial content from IDG gaming sites will “eliminating the need for users to navigate through the traditional ‘ten blue links’.” This is a pretty important statement as we’re seeing the same attitude across the major search engines as Google, MSN, and Yahoo also use the top of the search results page to showcase their own News, Shopping or Content offerings which the search engines feel are more relelvant to your search query than the traditional results.

Ask Jeeves is just taking this a bit further with its IDG partnership. Try a search for Halo 2 on Ask Jeeves and you’ll see an example of the IDG partnership. One nice surprise is that the IDG content has totally replaced paid advertising on the page, which makes the user feel more comfortable with the IDG links, knowing that they are to relevant and useful content and not just to shops wishing to sell games and cheat codes.

“Our mission is to make finding information on the Web fast and easy for users, and by leveraging the best content on the Web to deliver direct answers through our unique search technology, we are able to do just that,” said Jim Lanzone, senior vice president of search properties at Ask Jeeves, Inc. “Each day, we deliver millions of direct answers on popular topics like famous people, the world’s nations, popular TV shows and now gaming. Our new partnership with IDG Entertainment allows us to put the timeliest, most relevant gaming information at the fingertips of gamers of all ages and skill levels.”

IDG chimes in too : “Partnering with Ask Jeeves gives us an ideal access point to gamers around the world,” said Craig Eastman, director of online product development, IDGE. “Ask Jeeves users will get accurate, up-to-date gaming info from IDGE’s multitude of resources by simply searching their favorite titles.”

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Ask Jeeves Serving IDG Content on Video Game Searches

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