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Ask Jeeves Search Engine Gets Slim and Personal

Ask Jeeves Search Engine Gets Slim and Personal

Ask Jeeves has introduced new changes which have totally made over the search engine which hopes to give Yahoo, MSN and Google a run for their money. The new changes at include MyJeeves personal search, a revamped local search, and an update of Ask’s Teoma search technology. Ask’s butler is also back from his extreme round the world vacation and seems to have shed a few pounds.

My Jeeves

MyJeeves allows users to save search results simply by clicking a Save button located next to each search result on Once saved, MyJeeves users can easily organize or group items into folders, print them, share them via email, and add notes to create their own descriptions of Web pages. The newly resulting list of documents is searchable within MyJeeves (distinct from the overall Web index) thus creating a personal Web index.

MyJeeves does not require any registration, but those that do register will receive extra benefits and functionality.

Teoma’s Update

Teoma, Ask’s search engine technology, has been upgraded with functions as follows:

* Page Cache — Teoma 3.0 includes cached versions of popular sites. This feature is expected to launch in Q4.
* Related Search – Ask Jeeves will debut multiple types of Related Search on, through the Teoma 3.0 technology. This feature will launch in Q4.
* File Types – Teoma 3.0 includes the addition of Flash and PDF files. These file types are already available on, and Ask Jeeves will, in future releases, provide the ability to restrict searches to these types of files.

Ask Jeeves Local

Ask Jeeves is also launching robust local search capabilities in response to the high frequency of user searches for local services and information on the site. Through a partnership with Citysearch announced in August, Ask Jeeves users now have access to comprehensive local business listings and
data, including over 2 million editorial and user reviews and ratings. Collected over the last 8 years, Citysearch’s content-rich data is seamlessly integrated with other maps and driving directions.

Seems like Ask Jeeves has a whole bunch of changes up their sleeves, and these changes seem to be on track to competing with the local, personal, and news enhancements at other search engines. If only Ask would stop serving 10 sponsored links for each search!

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Ask Jeeves Search Engine Gets Slim and Personal

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