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Ask Jeeves Interested in Grouper File Sharing

Ask Jeeves Interested in Grouper File Sharing

Om Malik spills the beans that Ask Jeeves is looking into acquiring Grouper the peer to peer file sharing social network. Om sees the acquisition as a channel for Ask Jeeves to bundle its download offerings as well as show its new sponsored search advertisements. Ask Jeeves acquired Bloglines last year in an attempt to corner the blog reading aggregation and search market. Like Bloglines, Grouper is an established cutting edge network of savvy users.

My sources tell me that Ask Jeeves has struck up a deal with P2P social sharing company, Grouper. Apparently, a co-branded Grouper client will be made available by Ask Jeeves. (Here is what I wrote about Grouper back in the day!) This client will embed Ask Jeeves desktop search, and web search. Ask Jeeves will also be able to show text-ads in this client, making it a possible revenue generator.

From what I understand, the client will also have the ability to do search local folders not on your desktop, but also on the folders that are shared by those in your network. This would be a nice way to leap-up in the desktop search business for Ask Jeeves, especially if News Corp decides to buy Blinkx and put its resources behind the tiny company. I am yet to hear back from both companies.

With Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp planning on buying up web properties ( and search engines such as Blinkx (rumored), what we may see developing is a second tier search property acquisition war as IAC and News Corp fight hand over fist to secure the interest of a oung and web active audience.

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Ask Jeeves Interested in Grouper File Sharing

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