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Ask Jeeves Helps With Search Engine Wedding Proposal

Ask Jeeves Helps With Search Engine Wedding Proposal

Ask Jeeves Helps With Search Engine Wedding Proposal

Barry Schwartz, a downright good guy and die-hard search engine industry tracker, was looking for a little help with his marriage proposal this weekend and called upon Ask Jeeves for a special treat. Sure we’ve all heard of the marriage proposals in baseball stadiums, hockey games, airplanes and crowded restaurants, but Barry was looking for a surprise which was more intimate and fitting for the Editor of Search Engine Roundtable and moderator a various search related forums. Barry and Jim Lazone of Ask Jeeves worked up a plan for the special proposal which Barry explains on SERoundtable ;

I just wanted to let all you know, that I am now engaged to be married to my beautiful girlfriend, Yisha.

I proposed via Ask Jeeves. I brought Yisha to my office, ask her to search on her name. While she was doing that I kneeled behind her with the ring and flowers. She typed in her name into Ask Jeeves, full name, and up came a special Smart Answer (thanks to Jim Lanzone and team) with the proposal.

For more info on Barry’s proposal to Yisha check out Congrats to the both of you from Search Engine Journal.

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