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Apple Tiger Spotlight Review

Apple Tiger Spotlight Review

Yesterday, I installed Tiger and the process went pretty well. Skipping over all of the other OS related topics, let’s quickly discuss Spotlight, Apple’s new OS Search technology.

After installing Tiger, and restarting, Apple started to index the contents of my harddrive behind the scenes. It really did not slow down other tasks I was performing at the time, so that was nice. After conducting a few searches, I was disappointed with the speed. Don’t get me wrong, it is a hell of a lot faster then Apple’s previous seach, but I was expecting more based on the reviews. I am using a G4 1.25GhZ PowerBook with 1GB RAM. I will test this on several other macs, including Dual Proc G4s, other PowerBooks and iBooks. But I think it should be snappier.

My biggest disappointment is that it does not search Microsoft Entourage, my default email client. This was expected, “Microsoft says Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents will appear in Spotlight searches (but not Entourage, due to the way the e-mail client was built).” MacWorld has a great write up on Spotlight, better then I can do at this time

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Apple Tiger Spotlight Review

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