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Apple iTunes Sells Over 250 Million Songs

Apple iTunes Sells Over 250 Million Songs

Apple Computers announced this week that its iTunes Music Store has sold more than 250 million songs – that’s a quarter of a billion downloads! iTunes features more than a million songs available on a pay-per-download basis and remains the leader in online music eventhough Microsoft and Yahoo seem to be taking the music download industry more seriously.

Downloads from Apple’s online store have reached a rate of a quarter-million songs per day, which is annual run rate of nearly a half-billion songs per year according to Apple. Sushubh Mittal of TechWhack adds that “This is a huge number considering it represents more than 70% of the legitimate global music market.”

“When we launched the iTunes Music Store we were hoping to sell a million songs in the first six months — now we’re selling over a million songs every day, and we’ve sold over a quarter billion songs in total,” Steve Jobs, chief executive for Apple, said in a statement. Jobs added “iTunes is leading the way into the digital music era and together with iPod is changing the way millions of music lovers find and enjoy their music”.

Apple’s success with iTunes is much attributed to its direction and marketing of the Apple iPod. Sushubh Mittal reports that iPod has played a big role in getting Apple back on line as they have sold more than 10 million of these little music players. This number itself is expected to touch bigger heights with the recent launch of iPod Shuffle.

Additionally, Apple is now also concentrating on the budget PC segment with their Mac Mini series of computers, which they had ignored in the past.

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Apple iTunes Sells Over 250 Million Songs

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