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AOL Places Classified Listings in Search Engine Results

AOL Places Classified Listings in Search Engine Results

Although AOL has yet to launch their AOL InStore into their search engine results, according to AuctionBytes, AOL is now testing the inclusion of AOL Classified Ads into their normal Google powered search listings. The classified listings are now being tested in AOL search results just above the partnered Google AdSense placements.

AuctionBytes reports that “Typically, a search on AOL Search will come back with a list of “sponsored links from Google AdSense advertisers followed by “matching sites” provided by Google search. Sometimes AOL includes inStore listings, paid listings or recommended sites at the top of the search results page (see or do a search for “coca-cola”).”

More from AuctionBytes:

With the new pilot program, certain search terms will cause the results page to display three ads from its Classifieds section placed horizontally above Sponsored Links, each including a thumbnail image of the item. Clicking on an ad brings buyers to an AOL branded shopping cart where buyers can purchase the item.

AOL appears to be limiting which AOL Classifieds sellers can participate in the pilot program, including merchants from online antiques-mall

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AOL Places Classified Listings in Search Engine Results

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