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AOL Feeding Featured Content into Video Search Engine

AOL Feeding Featured Content into Video Search Engine

AOL has added new RSS feeds from partners for its video search engines, AOL Video Search and SingingFish. Such video content partners include,,,, PC World and Time4 Media properties.

“We’re thrilled to include these partners in our industry-leading AOL Video Search,” said Kevin Conroy, Executive Vice President of AOL Media Networks. “With AOL Video Search, we are providing consumers with a faster, easier way to find the best videos on the Web.”

AOL feels that by continuing to work with video producers to include their content in the AOL Video Search index, video producers can easily make their rich multimedia assets more accessible to users. Yahoo Video Search, Google Video, and all have similar content partnerships with major news and media organizations.

Yahoo also lets small publishers submit RSS feeds of video content while Google & both let publishers upload video to their servers. I have not found a similar service for small publishers on the AOL Video Search (Hub) info pages while SingingFish does offer a video submittal page for web video publishers.

More from AOL : AOL’s video search engine delivers over 1.5 million video assets available on the Internet indexed through AOL’s Singingfish; and RSS feeds from top video streaming sites. This combined approach lets people search from one place for high-quality, current online video spanning popular music videos, movie features, television clips, news coverage, sports highlights, independently produced videos and more.

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AOL Feeding Featured Content into Video Search Engine

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