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AOL Europe Drops Overture for Google AdWords

AOL Europe Drops Overture for Google AdWords

AOL Europe Drops Overture for Google AdWords

AOL Europe and Google today jointly announced a new multi-year agreement that will provide users of the AOL European services with targeted advertising from Google’s AdWords advertisers. What does this mean? IT means when AOL Europe users do searches on AOL Europe, Google Adwords ads will be shown with relevant advertising to those search results. AOL Europe previously had a deal with Yahoo’s Overture to deliver such contextually search term targeted advertising to their AOL Europe Sponsored Links. aOL Europe has 6.3 million Internet access subscribers in Germany, France and Britain,

Google currently provides web search results for AOL search products in Europe. Under the new expanded alliance with Google, users of the AOL services in the UK, France and Germany will now also get targeted advertising from Google related to their search request. Google AdWords advertisers can now appear on the search results pages of AOL’s European properties based on users’ expressed interests. This enables Google advertisers to reach millions of potential customers searching on AOL properties across the UK, France and Germany.

“This strategic alliance with Google, one of the leading search providers, underscores our commitment to providing our European consumers with the best online experience possible, while providing great value to our marketing partners,” said Philip Rowley, President of AOL Europe. “By expanding AOL’s relationship with Google, AOL Europe provides our members in the UK, France and Germany with useful information about products and services relevant to their searches, and ensures that we are continuing to provide a vehicle for advertisers to reach a highly desirable audience in a compelling and effective way.”

“We are pleased to strengthen and grow our existing worldwide partnership with AOL,” said Omid Kordestani, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Field Operations at Google. “Partnering with one of Europe’s leading online and interactive services providers reflects Google’s continued commitment to providing value to our European advertising customers. With this new agreement, AOL’s European operations will benefit from the revenue opportunity, while its users will enjoy an enhanced online experience through the addition of relevant commercial information.”

AOL did not comment on why they had dropped Overture as their search engine advertising provider.

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AOL Europe Drops Overture for Google AdWords

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