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AOL Enters VOIP Market with TotalTalk – Watch Out Google, Yahoo, SkypeBay

AOL Enters VOIP Market with TotalTalk – Watch Out Google, Yahoo, SkypeBay

On the verge of Google and MSN takeover rumors and the major search entities going VOIP, AOL has announced that its old Internet Phone service will now become TotalTalk VOIP. Yahoo added VOIP to its Yahoo Messenger last spring, Google Talk launched last month, and eBay acquired Skype last week. On October 4th, AOL will be joining the VOIP fray with its Broadband Phone offering of TotalTalk.

Unlike AOL’s search competitors, AOL is marketing their TotalTalk service as a primary alternative to traditional land line phone services. From AOL : The TotalTalk service transforms any high-speed Internet connection into a quality phone service that is simple to use and affordable, with savings of up to 40% off monthly phone bills, compared to traditional landline service. Additionally, AOL’s TotalTalk is available to the masses, and not just AOL members.

In addition to a phone alternative, it seems that AOL is also pitching TotalTalk as the total communications package. From the AOL release : Combining the savings and convenience of a VoIP phone with a suite of advanced communications features, available at no additional charge, TotalTalk includes: a “soft phone” (free PC-to-PC calls and PC-to-Phone calling capabilities via a Preview Edition of the AIM Triton client), unified voice, e-mail and instant messaging, enhanced voicemail and call management capabilities, and the ability to make and receive calls on a home phone line from anywhere users have access to AIM. The service includes at no additional cost many phone features such as: Call Waiting, Caller ID, 911 emergency calling, Star Codes, voice mail integrated with e-mail and Three-Way calling.

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AOL Enters VOIP Market with TotalTalk – Watch Out Google, Yahoo, SkypeBay

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